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Whatsapp Hack – How to Spy on Whatsapp for FREE

Hello World,
Welcome to the only website on the internet offering FREE working Whatsapp Hack Spy. Today WhatsApp is one of the most widely used instant messaging applications available.

You might wonder that why do you need to hack whatsapp or why need to learn how to spy on whatsapp?

The answer is quite simple.

There are many good reasons as why you would want to hack or spy on someone’s Whatsapp account.

1. Parents might want to see what their kids are doing online to monitor them.
2. A boyfriend or girlfriend might want to see what their counterpart is doing behind their back.
3. A husband would want to check if his wife is faithful or vice-versa and many more genuine reasons.

There are loads of scam sites out there that claim they can hack Whatsapp accounts for money, or let you download “free whatsapp hacking tools” that are actually designed to steal your own account or to load botnet and viruses on your computer and these should be highly avoided.

So our team came up with this unique idea for providing a free software to hack whatsapp without asking for money. Our FREE Whatsapp Hack Spy tool helps you to hack any Whatsapp account by just knowing their Whatsapp id or Whatsapp phone number.

Using our Whatsapp Hack you can gain full access and can spy on anyone’s whatsapp account, that too for FREE!!

How to Spy on Whatsapp??

1. You simply download our Whatsapp Hack Spy Tool.

2. Open it and enter the Whatsapp id or phone number of the account you want to hack

3. Press “Connect“. The hack will now connect to the Whatsapp server and get the details of the user.

4. That’s it. Now you can spy on Whatsapp conversations, hack into Whatsapp groups, and get full access to the user’s Whatsapp.

What do you get??

With our Whatsapp hack you get the following access to the user’s account:

1. Whatsapp Spy – Our tool lets you spy on whatsapp messages of the user, sending you each and every new message sent or recieved by the whatsapp account.

2. Whatsapp Group Hack – You get access to all group the user is registered on and can send or receive messages on that group

3. Whatsapp History Hack – With the whatsapp history hack feature of our tool, you can download the archived and cached message history (stored in whatsapp servers) of the last 8 months.

4. Whatsapp Hack – Our tool is not just made for spying purposes, but there are also options to type and send messages from your desired target’s WhatsApp account to someone of their contacts. You can also update their status message, and do much more..

How it Works?

A lot of people will tell you to download paid spying software, or to root your phone and do a million other steps before hacking a whatsapp account. Our whatsapp hack is designed to avoid all that trouble and does the tasks automatically without any of technical expertise required from your end.

We use a walk-around that let us get all the messages sent by any Whatsapp account. We all know each whatsapp account is linked to a single phone number, and here’s where our system differs from others. It’s easy to fake any phone number [You have got the messages from online companies showing some random phone number].

We also employ the same approach, we make Whatsapp servers believe that we have configured whatsapp with the same number by spoofing the MAC address of the whatsapp account.

So now whatsapp servers sends a copy of each message sent/received to our Whatsapp Hack software. Moreover the servers maintain a cache for messages sent and received in last few month which it also syncs with our application.

Privacy Guaranteed – 100% Safe & Secure

That’s the best part. We care for your privacy. While using our Whatsapp hack you are 100% safe and secure as we have proxies from different locations inbuilt to the hack tool.

We have been using this method from over two years and have never received a single complaint till date. In-fact we know we never will. Because our system is totally secure. We also regularly patch our software to keep it updated with latest platforms.

The Download File contains Whatsapp hack tool for the following Platforms:
1.    Android (Install The APK ) No rooting required
2.    Windows PC / Windows Phone (Open the “Windows” Folder)
3.    MAC PC / iPhone (Open the “MAC-OS” Folder) No Jailbreak Required.
3.    iOS / Linux (Ubuntu)

So what are you waiting for??

Simply download our free Whatsapp Hack tool and spy on any whatsapp account within a few minutes and monitor activities of people you care about..

Download for FREE!!

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